Evul (kensin) wrote in workingtitle,

Snowdrifts In Summertime

A long time ago in a far away land;

Purity and Versus were hunting in the woods. Purity of the waters and Versus of the sky met some time ago where two points make a perfect circle. All was quite peacefull in the Grove of Destitution, when suddenly Versus spied off in the distance slight sudden movements from the lights edge. Purity was on the trail, bound to put an arrow in something living and ignorant. Versus rushed ahead of Purity and lept up into the trees, bounding from branch to branch to discover this would-be infidel.
The creature moved swiftly enough, and Versus was working up a sweat. In a final attempt and with a sudden last splash of energy, her eyes fell upon the creature below. It was a prize indeed. The SorrowBeast stopped as well, glancing upwards toward the onlooker. It's face twitched slightly and a sly sneer crept to it's lips. Teeth bared, tongue lightly fingering those long, protruding canines, most likely used for ripping and tearing flesh and the lower intestines.
In a flash it was off, powerful hind legs bounding off into the oblivion that lay ahead. Purity on the move, rushing past Versus and gaining upon the beast. The beast felt Purity's presence and began to turn around. Talons digging into the moist earth and clawing backwards to face his stalker head on. Purity aware of the SorrowBeast's intentions was prepared. He stopped slowly and raised his bow. "The amazing thing..." He thought "All I have to do is let my fingers go..." And with that, the arrow was on it's way. It struck soundlessly, sinking deeply past flesh and into muscle and core.
A wailing beast was all to be heard. It's sound bellowed outward into the open air where it promptly reverberated through the surroundings. Versus slipping down upon the ground with a soft thud. Purity slowly lowering his bow, eyes transfixed upon the fallen pray; and he the carrion, murdering insolence.
"Well performed Purity...maybe next time you'll let me kill it. I know I got to bring death to the last 360 SorrowBeasts we came across, but I really wanted this one..." Versus arched her brow with a smirk and tossed her hair back, turning around and sauntering off toward the grove once more. Purity sighed softly, shaking his head as it lowered, eyes focusing upon the ground. Softly muttering to himself, "She's only lucky she has an ass that won't quit...really, really lucky." With one last deep breath he lifted his head up, brushed back the loose tendrils that seemingly make their home in front of his eyes, and with one final overlook of the slaughtered, a smile tilted his lips. "Damn I'm good..." And with a subtle chuckle back in his throat he meandered his way toward Versus.
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