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The growth of Evil!

Hi I wasn’t sure if this is dead so I thought I’d poke it with the preverbal stick and see if it moved!

The growth of Evil!

With the cries of one thousand fallen champions wringing in the stagnant air the mist closed in around Versus, her body growing shadowy and indistinct in the rolling fog. Slowly it took her, consuming her form, tearing at her soul, her flesh and finally her essence till her whole existence was plunged into a black despair. Having completed its hunt the mist parted in a wave of silence as the last ray of sunlight died on the horizon.
Purity got to his feet unbelieving. He stepped slowly forward and on the dark earth at his feet lay her sword like the grave of a lost soul. No other trace of her could be found among the trees and bushes. He knelt and grasped the sword in a shaking hand, feeling her familiar presence, so close and yet so distant. He felt her calling to him in despair like a voice on the edge of hearing.
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