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Working Title
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Working Title has been designed as a Round Robin forum for creating an in-depth story. Obviously there has to be rules.

1. Do not start a new story. Only add parts to the story that is already in progress.
2. Please don't post anonymously.
3. If for some reason you 'jump tracks' with the story, please post a comment on why you have done it, or I fear you will find it deleted since it interrupted the flow of the story currently in progress.
4. Feel free to comment, but try constructive critism instead of being an asshole. It works better.
5. Please spell-check your entries before posting to avoid confusion.

I'm sure things will change off and on, like the stories, and the rules. Eventually we'll be hoping to get a topical directory so that we can be working on more than one story at a time.

Enjoy yourselves, and be creative.

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