Like to write about traveling?

 Hi there,
If you adore traveling and like to write about it, then there is a special site for you:
The whole site is dedicated for tourism and traveling. There already are a lot of great cities: New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, London as well as National Parks (Great Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc) which are awaiting for your's reviews and your traveling stories.
Just try how easy it is to keep your memories!

Looking for writers!

I'm looking for good writers who can (for pay) take a fiction outline in prose and expand it into a polished, ready to print chapter. The genre is adventure with some erotica. I have an example of such an outline together with character/situation explanations on my profile at x_windansea_x. If you are such a writer who can and wants to work on something like this, please message me! Thank you.

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Терапевт может прибегнуть к данной директиве, чтобы облегчить клиенту открытие того, что кажущаяся ему “плохой” часть индивидуальности, в действительности оказывается целесообразной, а в некоторых случаях — необыкновенно полезной. Изменяя перспективу, клиент учится тому, что и плохое может оказаться хорошим”.
Первая рекомендация заключается в следующем: пациент должен составить список различных частей собственной индивидуальности, которые каким-то образом связаны с его проблемами. Затем он отмечает, какие позиции он считает — исходя из собственной системы отношений — заболевание почек , диета , гинекология , здоровый образ жизни инфекционные болезни , лечение болезней , кардиология , желудок “хорошими”, а какие “плохими”. В третьей части задания пациент вместе с терапевтом решают, на какие из плохих частей нацелены определенные шаблоны поведения, с помощью которых клиент пытается отбросить нежелательные элементы. В-четвертых, клиент должен постараться отыскать их вероятные позитивы. В чем они могут оказаться ему полезными? Какие силы и ценности они представляют? Наконец, клиента просят назвать контексты, в которых эти “плохие части” оказываются полезными, и определить, в чем заключается ожидаемая от них польза.
A Cult Classic for the End Times

Blues4Kali- A Cult Classic for the End Times

What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012?
...an instant of Karma? ...an ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!
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Human sexuality and Religion

'Human Sexuality and Religion: reframing the problem' is the working title of my new project. Human sexuality and religion are like siblings with a love hate relationship. They are very similar in many ways ( I have always believed that the part in our inner selves which provides shelter for our religious emotions - our desire to worship something - is the same location where our sexuality lives). At the same time there is always tension between these two (perhaps not unlike the tension between family members living together) My interest in this project is in how we should understand this on-going problem between the siblings - human sexuality and religion. Now religious narratives on human sexuality (as indeed - thanks to Michel Foucault's insights - the medical/scientific narratives) claim to be presenting an objective statement of the reality about human sexuality. From this vantage point the problem over human sexuality and religion is about articulating the reality about sex. I will spend a considerable amount of time and space on how this way of framing the problem tends to unfold and to demonstrate why it leads to entrenchment of conflicting positions with no resolution in sight. What I will be arguing for is a re-framing or understanding of the problem in terms of construction rather than articulation. In other words discourse on human-sexuality (religious, medical, scientific etc) is not about articulating the objective reality of human sexuality (an attempt that assumes the existence of human sexuality in itself i.e. an essential human sexuality), it is rather an attempt to construct that reality from a wide range of discursive contexts. I will try to demonstrate how re-framing the problem thus might enable us to get over some of the ugly fights over sexuality and religion

My.America - A Scripted Documentary For The People And By The People


My name is Christopher Brieger and I am the producer and co-founder for a small organization in Charlotte, NC known as Stranger than Fiction Films. Stranger than Fiction Films is an independent film company dedicated to producing, promoting, and enhancing art. I wanted to take this opportunity to contact you regarding our upcoming documentary project. I have included at the bottom of this email the outline details of this upcoming project, and I would appreciate any assistance that yourself, your staff, your associates, or anyone you know might be able to offer. We believe that through getting the word out through a simple grass roots approach, we will truly be able to capture the spirit of this project. I thank you very much for any assistance you might be able to offer. I thank you very much for your time, attention, and support in this venture. Thank you!

Christopher Brieger
Stranger than Fiction Films
Charlotte, NC
“We Don’t Talk About Making Movies, We Make Them”

The project is called “My.America”. It will be a feature length film/documentary consisting of people talking about, their America. Our hope is to present the hope, despair, and realism that people have regarding America. Participants will submit essays to Stranger than Fiction Films during the submission period, and those chosen will deliver their essay on film on Sunday, August 28, 2005. All written work must be performed by the writer.

Topics, Age, and Miscellaneous
There is no way to answer what is acceptable for this category. Stranger than Fiction Films writer, Jeremy Ordan, has written an essay about his panic attack at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while others have written about their love of the country or the ‘war on terror’. We are leaving the topics completely up to the writer. There is no message so left wing, right wing, or moderate that will not be considered. There is no age requirement for submissions, but all written work must be the product of the actor performing the role. We would love to have a four-year-old talk about the future state of America regarding social security fears for their retirement futures, but what are the odds a four-year-old is going to have those thoughts? Parents, please allow your children to submit their own work. That being said, we will emphasize once again, there are no age restrictions on this project.

The all important credit issue. The writer credit to this project will be listed in alphabetical order by all individuals who have been selected by the selection committee. The actor credit to this project will be listed identically to the writer credit. There are no exceptions to these terms.

Submission Dates and Terms
Between July 12, 2005 and August 12, 2005 Stranger than Fiction Films will accept essays from people about their America, and by August 16th all decisions will be made. Announcements will be made via email and through Stranger than Fiction Films Website: STFFilms.com. All submissions must be submitted in either an email format or as an email attachment (MS Word ONLY) to My.America@STFFilms.com. Any entries received past the due date will not be accepted. All submissions should have time between (minimum) 5 seconds and (maximum) 5 minutes. Any submissions below or above this will not be accepted. Headshots and readings will not be accepted, nor will resumes. America is a diverse country and we will not accept experience or looks into consideration, just the written word. We understand that not everyone uses proper grammar in writing, but we ask that your submission is clear, coherent, and free of as many typos as possible. Spell check is a necessity in life (therefore, I apologize for any typos in this announcement). Submissions should follow the following outline for consideration:
Location (city, state):
Contact (phone)/(email):
All submissions will be the legal property of the writer but usage of the performance and work will be granted to STFFilms. More information regarding usage will be released upon selection. All writers must agree to perform their essay on August 28, 2005.a reading

Selection Committee
A selection committee of seven individuals in the Stranger than Fiction Films community has been selected to choose the essays that will be accepted for this project.

Due to the nature of this project, there is no upfront payment for this project. Payment terms on a back end agreement will be released upon selection of individuals.

Final Miscellaneous
Finally, all the little things that are always forgotten until the posts go up and the emails come. This project is the product of Stranger than Fiction Films. If you are unable to submit your essay by the due date, then we are sorry, but no exceptions will be made, and your submission will not be considered. If you are unable to have your reading filmed on the film date, then we are sorry, but your submission will not be considered. This is a project of passion, commitment, and enthusiasm, we want to enrich the local Charlotte-Metro area as much as possible with homemade art, but we all have deadlines. Thank you very much for your interest!

Feel free to ask any questions or submit any comments to Jeremy Ordan at Jeremy.Ordan@STFFilms.com. Thank you so much!

New Community

Announcing a new community novelnovelbits. Come, have a look. It should be fun and entertaining, if not to write, then at least to read.

The rules of the game:
1. Please submit three consecutive sentences excerpted from a nonexistent novel. Then provide a title.
2. Don't be shy--give it a shot. All genres and styles are welcome. These submissions are not being judged or graded, although comments are welcome.
3. You may submit as many excerpts as you wish, but each excerpt is strictly limited to three sentences. No exceptions [N.B.: one of the earliest entries does not conform to this rule; this submission, however, was created in the early stages of the concept and is therefore exempt from this last stipulation]!
4. Have fun!
silhouette of adonia

silhouette of adonia shows

alright everyone, our trifecta of shows in the next 2 weeks goes like this . . .

march 26th @ The Paper Heart www.thepaperheart.com
w/ the letterpress, echolectric, awake and alert
doors open @ 8, $5

april 4th @ Desert Ridge Market Place, State Hwy 101 E & N Tatum Blvd
Shake Stuff Up Battle of the Bands
vs. something to think about
starts @ 3, free!
(we don't really care if you dont go to this one cuz its far, but its free . . .)

april 7th @ the clubhouse, 1320 E. Broadway Rd Tempe, AZ 85224
Battle of the Bands w/ Osama Bin Sars
$7, $5 presold (talk to eric)
we go on at 9:30

please go to the letterpress and the clubhouse battle if you can!!!!
hope to see you there!
silhouette of adonia

sihouette of adonia

hey everyone. were new to the lj scene and were hoping to get our name out and make some friends and fans. were an indie rock band called silhouette of adonia. check out our lj or our website, www.silhouetteofadonia.com